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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

Over the following hundred years, the texts intended for children multiply and diversify. Each of the strands that were present by developed, often in reaction to each other. For example, the Grimms edited, altered and re-wrote the tales they had heard from their mostly middle-class female friends in order to fashion something that would help the much divided German-speaking world of that time find itself culturally andwould, they hoped, contribute to the creation of a modern, democratic state.

As a result, their many versions have been examined in detail with a view to discerning the psychological make-up or needs of children, the political and social intent of the adults presentingthe stories, and the prevailing moral values of countries that have promoted or altered them. In the midst of it all sits the parent or prime carer who inevitably plays a key role in the selection and availability of books in the home.

This produces two opposite pulls: the one towards mass production of best-sellers and the other towards more locally or culturally specific books and readers. In some circumstances, parents can and do play this role too, but for the mass of children, their route to the kind of book that may well cater for their more specific needs, can only come through the central role of school or library.

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In terms of theoretical availability, however, we are at a point where there has never been a greater diversity of books on offer. One reason for this is the internet. Another is the nature of business itself. Meanwhile, the technology of book production has meant that it has become very easy to produce copies of non-illustrated books on demand. I Is it possible to discern any patterns or tendencies in all this? Clearly, the multi-media blockbusters of recent years, J. Tolkien has tilted the reading habits of children aged roughly between 8 and 14 towards fantasy literature.

Fantasy in the form of newly produced, child-specific novels starts in the nineteenth century. Issues of gender, class and race have been much discussed since the early s, with predictably divided responses. The corollary to this, it was claimed, was that working class characters were again and again cast as a mix of fools, victims, servants or criminals.

European white people were given implicitly or explicitly a mastering role at home and abroad. Sometimes this has been done through historical fiction see Mildred. In fact both kinds of books are being produced. Another way of looking at this problem has been to focus on how books position readers through narrative technique.

At either end of this sequence there are books which are marketed, distributed and consumed as Baby Books and books for Young Adults or Teens. At one end you can find books you can play with or chew and at the other end, fiction which is largely adult in style but happens to focus on the lives of young people and children — rather in the way that J. Originating in cave paintings, two-dimensional story-telling was taken up in church murals, which give accounts of biblical scenes and medieval illuminated manuscripts of tales. Ballads and tales sold in the streets from the mid-sixteenth century onwards were nearly always accompanied by illustration.

Asplendid variety of illustrated books, often tinted by forced child labour, appeared in the nineteenth century. What has developed since is an art form, capable of telling stories with economy and complexity. It is a multiple approach, offering meanings through a variety of channels and in a variety of ways: print, sound when read aloud , image and, on occasions, touch.

An established introductory textbook that provides students with a guide to developments in children's literature over time and across genres. This stimulating collection of critical essays written by a team of subject This stimulating collection of critical essays written by a team of subject experts explores key British, American and Australian works, from picture books and texts for younger children, through to graphic novels and young adult fiction. It combines accessible close readings of children's texts with informed examinations of genres, issues and critical contexts, making it an essential practical book for students.

A classic student text: one of the most highly regarded introductions to the study of children's literature Brings together an authoritative team of scholars to provide students with a range of viewpoints International appeal: explores works from around the globe Each chapter applies specific critical approaches as a useful model for students' own work Incorporates the major scholarship in the field Contains illustrations, boxed material and Further Reading to aid learning. Cart Continue Shopping. All prices are shown including VAT.

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The submitted promocode is invalid. Discount code already used. It can only be used once. Anyway you can check any essay writing services and they can help you to find a good format to write the essay. I can recommend a site that has helped me. It's called DigitalEssay. Prameela Kp. Ainy Nur. Soph Zhou. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Critical analysis of children literature Have we ever pondered as to why we need picture books?

Why are they soimportant? I believe that picture book is regarded pivotal in engaging readers tomake meaning of their reading through the text and the illustration in the book. This book iswritten and illustrated by Bob Darroch who started writing books for children in The story revolved around a young boy, probably the age of four, who woke up atfive in the afternoon and was unsure whether he should wake up or not. The bookallows the reader to follow the activities the boy did and immerse themselves in hisinteresting and intriguing imagination.

Glazer and Giorgis believe that the style of writing helpsto create mood in the story based on the selection of words and how they arearranged. In the front cover of the book, Darroch chose to use big bold blue lettersfor the title of the book. However, in the first page of the book, he chose a bright boldyellow colour for his title. In my opinion, the he does so to communicate to hisreaders through colours. Hewlett- Packard advocated that blue colour gives acalming effect whereas yellow denotes playfulness and action as cited in Gangwer, In addition, in the story, Darroch uses twodifferent font sizes.

Critical analysis of children literature number of exclamation marks in the story. For example; Mum! Here, Darroch wanted the readers to connect to the emotion of thecharacter. The exclamation mark in the above sentence shows us that the characterwas shouting for his mum as he was afraid of the blowfly.


The writer also used a variety ofsyntax throughout the book. The usage of simple and compound sentences areevident in the text. Booth and Barton advocated that new and varied syntacticpatterns allow the children to be engaged in experiencing language which are morecomplex than their own. The Ministry of Education of New Zealand also supports that rich text shouldhave a varied sentence structure that motivate and challenge the readers.

With sheep and cows and pigs and elephants. Surely,we do not rear elephants in a farm. This would indirectly make the readers enjoy reading this story. My view is supported by Zbaracki where in his research he found that humorin text highly engaged the children as it appealed to them in term of suspense andthe use of language for humorous effect.

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The second point that I would like to discuss is the illustration of this picturebook. In this book, the illustration plays a vital role in emphasizing the meaning of thetext or the story. Booth and Barton believe that words and picture worktogether where pictures draw the eye and the text catches the imagination of readers.

In this book, Darroch had illustrated based on the written text. This ensuresthat the readers would be able to make meaning from the text although they are notfamiliar with some of the vocabularies.

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Thus, allowing them to enjoy the story.