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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

Crime in Pakistan

More specifically, criminological education focuses on the way criminal justice components operate and deliver justice. The field of criminology draws and incorporate knowledge and insight from many disciplines such as sociology, law, psychology, economic, biology, history, political science, and social work.

However, it is distinct from these academic disciplines in the sense that it makes the best use of these disciplines to perform the very important function of the state and society i. Graduates of criminology make professional careers in police, judiciary, prosecution service, prison service, probation system, parole system, and juvenile justice etc. Keeping in view the importance of criminology as an academic discipline, the University of Peshawar has recently started the Department of Criminology at the campus.

What is Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan

As the iceberg of crime rises to the surface of public visibility the need to bring new and more sophisticated resources to bear on the law enforcement task will become increasingly evident. The sociological impact of crime cause societies to feel unsafe and demand the government protect its people from criminals thus fueling the mass incarceration policy within the United States.


There has been a steady increase in individuals who have been incarcerated, ideally this benefits societies but crime has exponentially increased over the last decade due to fear. Because individuals fear to live in communities where small crimes are prevalent often these areas are overlooked and crime rates increase. The motivation for street crimes has been explored by multiple studies, including a study cited by Iowa State University, where 55 street crime culprits were interviewed in order to determine the social links tied to street culture.

After interviewing those who participated in approximately occurrences of street crimes, among the principal reasons for these crimes, including assault and robbery, were determined to be for societal status and recognition and thrill and excitement. Street crimes are often amplified by the expansion and creation of gangs that propagate and reinforce these types of street culture behaviors. Other factors that lead to street crimes are poverty, unemployment, and parental neglect. Crime rates in areas that are characterized by higher rates of unemployment and poverty are estimated to be greater than other well-developed areas.

Such parental actions are likely to increase the likelihood of teenage participation in street crimes.

What is LL.M?

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One factor universally present in the circumstances of almost all the terrorists is that they belong to some area of conflict. Terrorist types can be divided into hardcore terrorists and peripheral terrorists, and arrest types can be divided into ordinary arrests or arrests by killings.

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I use 20 years of data from eight regions of the Punjab. Using fixed-effects cross-sectional time series long panel , instrumental variable approach and Poisson distribution, I conclude that: aggregated arrests, ordinary arrests, and arrests of hardcore terrorists, in the current period, are associated with higher expected incidence and seriousness of terrorism in the same six month period.

Further, that as compared to peripheral arrests, hardcore arrests generate more defiance. Lags of arrests and ordinary arrests decrease the expected incidence and seriousness of terrorism, suggesting a possible decay in defiance after the first six months. Publicly Accessible Penn Dissertations.