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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

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But getting a raw score of 40 on an easier Reading section where more people earn high raw scores might mean you earn a scaled score of This is why general conversion charts can act only as a basic guideline, not a guarantee of how scores will be converted. After you take a practice TOEFL, use these instructions to calculate your raw score for each section of the test. All Reading questions are multiple choice, and each question will be worth points. The majority of Reading questions are single-answer multiple-choice questions where you are given four answer choices and only one is correct.

Each of these questions is worth one point. Unlike other Reading questions, Reading to Learn questions are worth points. The number of points the question is worth will be stated beneath the question, and partial credit is possible.

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To calculate your Reading raw score, simply give yourself one point for every multiple choice question you answered correctly and potentially points for every Reading to Learn question. The sum of these points is your raw score. Like Reading, all Listening questions are multiple choice, and most will have one correct answer. However, there will also be some questions with two correct answers and questions where you need to organize events or facts. Unlike Reading, each of these questions will only be worth one point, so there are no Listening questions worth multiple points.

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To calculate your raw Listening score, give yourself one point for each question you answered correctly. The sum is your raw score. Speaking is probably the trickiest section to grade. If you can, record your answers. We have a simplified version of the rubric below which makes it quicker and easier to grade your answers, but you can also use the official TOEFL Speaking rubrics.

It can be helpful to have a friend or tutor who has strong English skills grade your Speaking tasks in order to get a more objective and accurate view. For each Speaking task, go over the rubric carefully and decide which score best represents your response. Add those six scores together for your raw Speaking score. Speech was basically intelligible, but had several mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, or was too simple in vocabulary and style. Speech is mostly intelligible and fluid, though may have some issues with pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary.

Demonstrates a fairly automatic and fluid mastery of English, with some notable lapses. Speech has a fluid and well-paced flow, with only minor lapses in pronunciation or grammar. Was coherent, intelligible, complete, and shows an automatic and fluid master of English. Each is given a score from whole points only.

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You can have another person grade you, and you can also review sample essays like from the resources we mentioned in the first section of this guide and their scores to get a better idea of what graders look for. Add both essay scores together to get your raw Writing score. Uses no or very few examples.

Uses some examples, but only vaguely connects them to the thesis or misses key points.

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Has some errors in grammar or vocabulary. The technique is it:.

Talking about the question above and using the given template, you can write an introduction similar to this:. I believe that the gift that is best to give a young child is a pet. Personally I think that way for two main reasons, that we will explore into the essay that is following. First, a pet can be quite educational. Second, a pet may be an excellent friend to a child that is young. Observe that there are no references to your details in this paragraph. Save those for the physical body paragraphs.

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This is your chance to show off your essay writing ability. Having a pet teaches children responsibility. A pet needs to be fed every and be given a chance to exercise day. The owner of a pet even offers to see or watch the health of the pet and take action if it becomes sick. Practicing this type or style of responsibility is likely to make a child more mature. Moreover, a pet will help teach a young child about the stages of life.

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Animals grow even faster than humans and a child that is young learn a great deal by observing how their pet grows up. I had a pet gecko as a child and watching it grow from a child to a full-sized adult taught me a whole lot and got me very enthusiastic about biology and nature. Keep in mind that this paragraph followed the outline above quite closely.

I stated my reason after which supported it with details. I expanded the main points significantly through the point-form found in my outline. It really is great for children to own pets as they are never judgmental. A young child could have a day that is bad school or he might get in a fight together with his friends, but he will never fight along with his pet. It shall love him unconditionally. Furthermore, pets can possibly prevent children from being lonely. These days parents in many cases are too busy to spend time along with their children.

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They often times leave their kids home alone. This could leave some kids feeling lonely, but individuals with pets will feel alone. But i actually do teach a three sentence technique:.

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Simply because pets are very educational, and they make great friends. There really is no better gift that a child can receive than a pet. Back to Home. View it closely: The student has filled within the outline using point-form notes not complete sentences. It references the relevant question and draws your reader into the essay.