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Find local volunteering opportunities now!. Own a website? Graph B. I created a questionnaire which had a mix of open and closed questions, which I submitted 20 throughout the homeless community that attend YMCA Project in Warrington town centre. The reason for choosing the YMCA to submit my questionnaire was the fact that the YMCA run a night shelter for the homeless in Warrington, and provided other various services that work closely with the homeless community. The results will be analysed and put in to a table so a clear distinction of these results can be seen.

I will then try to draw some comparisons to the secondary source data and information obtained from Firth The first question was to establish the age group the participant comes under. The next five questions are regarding homelessness and the details surrounding becoming homeless. I chose not to administer my questionnaire directly as this would have a direct response on the answers the participant would give.

Critique of a Sample Research Prospectus Part I

I handed out the questionnaire and asked the participant to fill them in on their own thus ensuring that they could take their time and it would be more objective and the result more valid. However, because I was in the vicinity and had provided tea this may be considered as pressure and could have had an impact on the type of response they gave.

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After analysing all 20 completed questionnaires, I found that the main reason for the cause of homelessness was in fact due to a family breakdown. This is not necessarily tackling the underling issues that caused the homelessness in the first place. So should the Government be contributing towards the underlining issues that primarily make that person homeless?

This could include delivering a service to the homeless community, which identifies the problems and gives the knowledge to empower them to make informed decisions about substance use, in an attempt to eradicate the problem before it becomes one. Firth, L. What are the reasons for becoming homeless? What services do you know about in Warrington that assist people that are homeless?

Do you think the Government do enough in Warrington to help prevent homelessness? Research proposal By Claire Smith Intended proposal This research proposal intends to discover whether drugs and or alcohol contribute to homelessness, is it homelessness that exacerbates the problem of drug and alcohol abuse?

Homeless Veterans Research Paper

The reason behind this proposal is the high need for early intervention regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Only 18months ago in the UK professionals began training in Alcohol Identification and Advice so that early intervention could be established to prevent medium risk individuals becoming high risk or alcohol dependants. So in tackling alcohol and substance misuse Briton could be facing a population with less homeless. Research methodology.

Homelessness in America

I am going to create a questionnaire which I am going to submit to the YMCA for the homeless to fill out. After doing some research about the YMCA and talking to staff members it seems the most effective way for the homeless to participate is to be their in person offering a free cup of tea coffee to willing participants. The questionnaires that are being drafted will try to determine what homeless people what in the way of tools to empower them to help themselves out of their situation.

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The questionnaires will try to identify; what help is already assessable for the homeless or substance misusers, is it readily available, is it equally and easily accessible to everyone who need it? This research proposal is aiming to identify whether homeless people try to access services provided to help substance and alcohol abuse and if so was it successful, of if the services are well publicised and easily accessible for the homeless.

Homelessness research paper prospectus

The research also intends to find out if there are organisations that are not well publicised to professionals that would be able to sign post potential people at risk. Reading about and around the subject of homelessness in The Homeless Population by Lisa Firth, it becomes very clear to me that homelessness is a complex subject and does in fact have many different elements to what may cause it. I was able to learn a lot in a short space of time such as; hidden homeless and reasons for becoming homeless.

These questions have both sides of the argument with facts and figures which for me personally answered everything that I wanted to know about the homeless community.


This pdf suggests that certain criteria for being homeless that is applied in one place that would determine an individual homeless, does not necessarily apply to everyone globally. As it is there was a great amount of information in this particular pdf however it was not easy to follow and seemed to repeat itself. It was not clear or concise. Skimming this information seemed to be the best way to get to the point of the basis of the pdf. The Health of the Homeless The Health of the Homeless is a very clear easy to follow online document which has lots of statistics on and are homelessness.

It also ties in with the point that homeless people have a voice too and they should be included in the care package provided for homeless. It was very well presented and to the point. Homeless research. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

When you walk the streets of downtown, all you see is smelly, dirty homeless people begging for money. All they do is take up all the space on the sidewalks with their cardboard signs, annoying people while they walk by homeless people because they scary and harmful. Instead of them trying to find a job, Do you know how many people there are in the world with no home or money?

There are millions and millions of homeless people in the world, and I want to help put a stop to it. I feel strongly about this because i grew up in Thailand when i was younger and seeing all There are hundreds of homeless people out on the streets of the large cities in this great nation. With low unemployment rate and new jobs being created every day, people are starting to ask why there are still homeless people in the alleys and on the sidewalks of this country.