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There are many ways in which a child may be maltreated or abused, and these include sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Abuse of children can occur in several circumstances. Here are some scenarios where a child may be victimised:. Children who are part of households where there is frequent domestic violence are prone to becoming victims of abuse themselves. Men who abuse their female partners are responsible for abusing the children in their homes too. Parents who have a history of alcohol and drug abuse can be responsible for child abuse.

Dependence of substance abuse is one of the major causes of child abuse and maltreatment which includes physical abuse and intentional neglect. Alcohol or drug-abusing parent is more likely to initiate child abuse with kids of five years or below.

The problems of child abuse and how to help solve them

Manic depression or any other illness of the mind can become a prime cause for the parents to be unavailable for the child. A mother may remain withdrawn from her kids or in extreme cases suspect that the child plotting against her. Most parents are naturally gifted while caring for their children, but few may not be able to manage their physical and emotional needs adequately.

Many parents would often equate disciplining children with abusing them and will need counselling to understand the role of a parent in a better manner. Many children face psychological mistreatment when their caregivers or parents are under stress. Parents find it difficult to deal with the emotional needs of a child especially when they face stressful situations. Divorces, relationship issues, financial worries and job-related problems can lead to parents meting out abuse to their children.

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It is always easy to ignore or overlook signs of abuse especially when you do not know what to look for. Check with your child if anything unusual has happened to him or her during the day, while at school or in daycare. Ask if she feels uncomfortable or frightened about a particular situation or person.

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  8. You should also keep an eye on any physical or emotional changes you notice. Signs of injury to the body or constant crying and fussiness are direct pointers of your child being an abuse victim. Watching out for the signs listed below can help alert a parent or caregiver about a potential problem. Watch out for sudden changes in behaviour at home or daycare and a dip in performance at school. Check if her body is covered with bruises or injury marks which cannot be explained rationally.

    The Social Problem Of Child Abuse Essay

    If there are repeated bite marks or burn marks, it is a definite warning sign about the child being subjected to physical abuse. An emotionally abused child may display various behavioural changes that are extreme. When an excessively talkative child turns quiet or vice versa, it indicates that she is disturbed emotionally and needs emotional support from parents.

    A parent should watch out for unexplained stomach aches or headaches or loss of appetite. A child who has been subjected to sexual abuse will face intense emotional as well as physical trauma. She can also demonstrate difficulty while sitting or walking as a result of pain in the anal or genital area if genital penetration has taken place. Child abuse and neglect often leave long-term scars on the child, ones that are difficult to erase from the mind and the body too.

    The danger of child psychological violence is often doubted. But its consequences can be global and sometimes irreversible:. All this almost definitely results complete or partial desocialization, the signs of which become more and more obvious as the child grows up. As a result attempts to assert themselves often lead to disastrous results, such as criminalization, alcoholism, drug addiction and others.

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    Besides, a child who grow up in an atmosphere of continuous pressure and violence of any kind treats such a model of parental behavior as the norm and consequently uses it in his own family. Every more or less big city has hotline that deals with children rights protection. Hotline phone number everyone can easily find on the Internet. But the problem is that not all children have access to a global network, especially those who live in dysfunctional families.

    In addition statistics show that low cultural level and consequently child abuse are more common among the citizens of small cities and towns, where helpline is a rare phenomenon. In this case the most optimal way of child abuse protection is an appeal to the guardianship authorities and to the inspection of juvenile.

    Despite the common belief it is possible to prove that a child is abused, even if the child refuses to admit this. It is more difficult to prove psychological abuse, but there are also ways to prove it. For example, pathological changes in emotional state are strong basis for inspection by representatives of the guardianship authorities. Another not less important duty of guardianship authorities is child abuse prevention. There are special programs and instructions that include the following measures:. This list is not complete, but the main principles of the guardianship authorities operation are individual approach and compliance with the law.

    Children often can not protect themselves, that is why they need our help, support and protection. I hope this child abuse argumentative essay helped you to realize how much important children protection is. More essays you can find on our website. We will help you to write an essay on any topic you need.

    Cause and Effect Essay: Child Abuse

    We make the process of essay writing easy and pleasant! Contact us for more details. General facts One quarter of all adults reports that as a child they were subjected to physical violence. One in 5 women and 1 in 13men confess that being a child they were subjected to sexual abuse. Consequences of child abuse include lifelong physical and mental health problems, and its consequences in social and professional spheres may eventually slow down economic and social development of the country.

    Child abuse can be prevented. For this purpose we need multisectoral approach. Domestic child abuse: causes The main reasons of child abuse are social.

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    Physical abuse Beatings both single and systematic , infliction of bodily harm, any other physical impact on the child, as well as deliberate deprivation of food, water and the possibility to satisfy natural needs, other kinds of abuse and torture, all this qualifies as abuse, regardless of the severity of the impact, which influences the measure of responsibility only. Sexual abuse It refers to harassment wit sexual background, involvement of a child in different sexual actions, demonstration of genitals, or any pornographic works illustrations, books, movies, videos and so on.

    Emotional psychological abuse This kind of child abuse is the most difficult to be proved. Psychological abuse can have the following forms: telling threats to a child as well as in a form of intimidation, for example, a threat of beatings in case of disobeying, failure to comply with parents, underachievement etc.