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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

AP US History multiple choice example 2. AP US History short answer example 1. AP US History short answer example 2. AP US History long essay example 1.

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AP US History long essay example 2. AP US History long essay example 3. Current timeTotal duration History exam. Now you might also have heard this called the free response question or FRQ. I think it is officially called the long essay question, so that's what we're gonna go with for now.

Now this is the last essay that you'll be writing on the AP exam, and you get 35 minutes to do it, which is considerably shorter than the DBQ section, but the nice part about this is that you don't have so spend so much time looking at all of those primary documents. The more challenging part, however, is that it's drawing on your own personal knowledge of the subject matter.

So unlike the DBQ where you're analyzing documents and looking at just what's in front of you, here you're really using your own background understanding of U. So on this section of the exam you're gonna have the option to choose between two different essay prompts and you can choose which of them you want to write about. You only have to write about one.

And of course, I recommend writing about the one where you feel most confident. Maybe it's about a topic that you like more or maybe it's a topic about what you feel like you can give more information, but in these cases always play to your strengths. So out of the two prompts that I was given there was one about whether the American Revolution was actually revolutionary, and then there was this question about whether the New Deal was actually new or whether it was more conservative in nature.

Now I love the New Deal, so that is the question that I want to take on here. Plus I can remember a lot about the New Deal off the top of my head, so that's gonna give me a lot of extra information to work with. So of this 35 minutes that you have on the long essay question, I would recommend that you spend maybe five to 10 minutes of that and I think 10 minutes would really be max to plan your essay. To write a little outline for yourself, to decide what your thesis is going to be, and come up with a game plan that is gonna direct the rest of your writing time, which should be the rest of the time that you spend.

The 25 to 30 minutes in this exam period. Now again, your mileage may vary on this. You might be the sort of person who can plan really fast and take a lot of time writing, or you might be the sort of person who knows that they can write pretty fast so they can spend some more time planning, but I think this is just kind of a good overall guideline for how you want to be spending your time. Okay, so once you've taken a look at each of the topics for the essay prompts and decided which one you want, the next step is to read the prompt itself really carefully.

These include. Politics and Power. In other words, the expectations are high here. Nearly every single person, place, or event that you learn about will have to be put into an appropriate context, seen alongside a variety of core themes, and be scrutinized almost as if a professional historian was studying the topic. There is simply a ton of content to go through. One of the best things about the APUSH history exam is that there are no real requirements to taking it.

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Unlike AP Chem , there are no lab requirements. Just make sure that you bring with you a strong interest in learning US history, the will to sharpen those critical-thinking skills, and your favorite note taking device to class with you because there will be some serious learning taking place. You will be expected to think deeply about the past. Your ability to memorize dates and names is less relevant than your ability to critically analyze the events that you are studying. You will be expected to read through countless primary-source documents and extract core themes from those documents, put them into their appropriate historical context, and create unique historical narratives around your findings.

We were honest with you when it came to discussing AP US History difficulty, so let us be honest with you when it comes to deciding whether or not the APUSH course and exam are worth taking.

Everything you learn in this course will help you out in the long run. Every single one of those skills that the CollegeBoard has laid out for the APUSH student is useful for nearly every other class that you will have to take. All of that historical thinking and critical analysis will come into place in a variety of contexts. You will have to take data, put it into context, and create and individual interpretation of that information whether you are studying to become a biologist or US history teacher.

Another excellent reason to take AP US History is that it will strengthen those writing and argumentation skills.

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APUSH students walk away with a much sharper sense of how to create, organize, and thoughtfully execute an argumentative essay. In the end, you will become a better writer and excellent writing skills are sought after all in every college campus and in most job places. Just in the nature of studying the past, you will also begin to understand the present.

You will better understand what it means to be an American citizen and you will have a deeper understanding of how we got into the political, social, and economic situations that we currently live in. Colleges are not getting any cheaper and if you can find a way to work off some of your courses without breaking the bank, you should do it. APUSH really is a hard exam, but it is definitely a worthwhile venture. Take a look at some of the textbooks that are out there.

Or you can take a look at some of the excellent APUSH review books that are available at nearly every bookstore. If your school does not officially offer an AP US History class, you may be able to work with administrators and history teachers for an independent study course. Some schools and teachers will work with you even if you are taking a normal US history course at your high school.

They can provide you with the information you need and prompt you to think at the level of the other APUSH offerings out there. However, it is not impossible. But those skills that you learn will pay off and get you that much closer to scoring a 5 on the exam. Let us know about your experiences with the whole APUSH review process and what has worked and not worked out for you.

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