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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

Sophocles is the dramatist of heroism and displays one of his best works in the enduring narrative of Antigone where a female character is the hero.

The performance of the play is a masked criticism of a government existing at a time to show that something is wrong in that particular state. Antigone displays a stern violence throughout the drama. The play has many contradictory interpretations, for instance too many people in the present see King Creon as conventional dictator and Antigone on the right.

However, things are not so simple in the play. Antigone represents a woman who is fully aware of what she wants and is determined to achieve it. She is a young woman of Theban origin who is determined to honor and bury her brothers murdered on opposite sides of a futile war. This action violates a decree put forth by the courageous King Creon of Thebes who forces her to defy and tackle his power in the name of principle. Antigone comes out as a willful and a bold woman that the author intends her to be.

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Antigone is present at a time when women do not have a choice but to comply with the decisions that men make for them. Antigone is rebellious and conceited of her actions as an independent, conscious woman. Creon is an example of a man who is too sure of himself and is not flexible to take advice from other people. However, Antigone is ignorant of the Kings edict and goes on with the action in disagreement with her sister who decides to obey the Kings order.

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That becomes clear in their battle of wills that dynamics of power are not always, as they seem but they need challenges in order to have a just world. Essay 2. For this second essay follow much the same method as the first, building upon close comparison of main characters in two plays or more.

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The method is outlined below. The focus of this Essay is Antigone. There are two main options suggested. With this option the obvious comparison is Antigone and Hippolytus Their defiance of authority represents the respective predicaments of rebellious young women and men. But if you look deeper into their defining character you may find some essential similarity. At first, Haimon starts by saying what his father would want him to say, but then changes his mind and speaks of what he knows is right.

This leads to conflict between his father and him because he is not just saying what his father wants to hear anymore. Finally, Creon faces this conflict after Teiresias shares his prophecy. Scene 5, He has to choose between what everyone even the gods wants to happen, which is to let Antigone go and give her brother a proper burial, and what he thinks is right, which is to kill Antigone off and let Polyneices rot on the battlefield.

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This is the first time in the play he actually listens to reason, even if it is for his own benefit. This leads to conflict within himself.

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The characters in this play go through many conflicts, a lot of which have to do with choosing between what society thinks and what that character thinks. Ismene has to choose between following the law and breaking it to bury her brother, Haimon has to choose between following his father or going against him for the woman he loves, and Creon must choose between letting Antigone die and Polyneices stay unburied or burying him and letting Antigone go.

This all leads to conflict between the characters and themselves.