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“Critical thinkers” have the dispositions and abilities that lead them to think .. well as beliefs as the end point of a process of critical thinking (Ennis ; Bailin et al. .. tests of critical reading and evaluation and of critiquing an argument. Observational abilities require an understanding of the difference.

As attested to by an eminent psychologists, there is no mate and female mind anymore than there is a male and female lung or liver. Sex is merely a division of gender, not of intellect or capacity. Equality knows no difference of sex. The law of equal freedom necessarily applies to the whole race, female as well as male. The citizens of this country are Filipinos and women form one-half of our population. Our nation is created, not by one sex alone, but jointly by men and women.

We are classed as citizens of this country. There is no campaign, no demonstration, no undertaking for the motion and the welfare of our country that we have not gladly shared in with our men.


Yet when election day comes around, a discrimination is set up against us just because we are women. But while the child will become a man and a voter, the lunatic may be cured, and the criminal may be pardoned, no amount of wisdom, no age, no peculiar fitness, no public service rendered, however great, no effort, can remove from woman the extraordinary disability because of her sex. This is contrary to natural justice and to the most enlightened political philosophy. It is manifestly unjust to exclude one-half of our people from political influence, because woman has as many interests to work for as man, and she is quite capable of caring for her rights.

Half of the human race is deprived of equality and it must be given to them. Since she is called on to obey the laws, she ought to have a voice in making them. We all admit that women were created to be the mothers of the race. This is an unequivocal fact. Women bear the world. Women make it. The suffrage that we ask for is, in the words of Carrie Chapmat Catt, one which we hope to make worthy of the best and highest womanhood by insisting upon honesty and nobility in our politics; by providing that a mother is a better mother when she is also a citizen.

To be more practical, are women less concerned than men in having clean streets, decent sewers, untainted milk, good schools, charities properly administered, hospitals put on a proper footing? Yet we can not have to do with any of these things without taking part in politics, pure and simple. But I aver that her power to teach her children largely depends upon the influences that surround the household.

Every true Christian woman is bound to have a thought for the village, the country, the state, the nation. The majority of women will always be homemakers in spite of woman suffrage. One woman makes a home. Surely, the duties of the home, especially in these times of labor saving devices and new discoveries, are not so rigorous as to prevent the most domestic of women from leaving her fireside once every three years or so to record her vote!

Women will become more satisfactory friends and helpmates of men when they have learned self-reliance by depending on themselves, self-protection by protecting themselves, self-reverence and self-control and the courage of their convictions by freely and openly sharing on equal terms with men in the responsibilities of the government. The most flimsy argument against woman suffrage is that it will mark the end of chivalry and destroy the woman linen of our women.

Are there a great many men who abstain from politics because they think it ungentlemanly?

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Our opponents are dreadfully exercised for fear the vote will unsex women. Women make bricks, girls are driven, when not driven to something worse, to being scullions and boarding-house slaves.

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  5. Still others of these fragile flowers work on the roads, make bridges, build houses, and plough the fields to keep alive. Yet a vote in their hands would soil them and destroy their womanliness! It is alleged that women are already represented by men.

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    It is fortunate for those who have husbands to represent them but unfortunate for the great number of unmarried women and widows who may still need representation at the polls. However, in my case, family is the most important part of all when it comes to who am I today. My past structured my life as how it is right now and I am great full for it. My family is quite unique but I can talk about four sociological concepts that demonstrates the relation towards my identity.

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    To begin with, my parents come from two different countries. When I was six years old, my family moved to Singapore for several years before settling down in Guam by my ninth birthday, when my father contracted a job with an international hotel franchise. Learning to navigate the cultural discrepancies in my life soon became a norm, one that shaped my values and.

    Due to my inability to access and understand Malay sources I cannot pursue an answer. Yet to compensate, the existing literature that are presented in this literature review, draw on a variety of approaches to explain the puzzle. This provides the reader with. The education in the Philippines is better in some ways. Due to difficulty of life in the country and the strong desire of the Filipinos to strive hard, the education becomes the top priority. There are three aspects to compare the education between the Philippines and the United States and these include the cost of education, the type of training, and the style of education.

    The cost of. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the portrayals of this self-hatred, and analyze how America influences it.

    follow site I will also discuss resolutions, or escapes that these characters use to counteract this self-hatred. Self-hatred of the Filipino heritage is demonstrated throughout the novel "Dogeaters," which bases many of its circumstances on factual statistics of the Philippines. The history of. My Philippine Identity Identity is the essence of a person which makes him stand out as an individual.

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    There are various factors which help form and evolve a person's persona, and that is what I write about in the follwing essay. We did not think it mattered! Who needed the "right" car, family lineage, the "right" education, domestic helpers--basically the "right" everything? We perceived all of the above as parts of the pretension of the Philippine society, yet it was so easy for us to ignore and dissociate ourselves from it because we were the products of this "right" term. We could deny the class system and insult it because we were luckily born into the advantageous class, and we had these "right elements" accessible to us.

    If …show more content…. We looked down on some of the other teenagers who went to the same discos, bars, and parties, who were caught up on the topic of family and wealth. You could tell who these people were because the girls would blab about the new jewelry that her boyfriend or family gave her, or they would comment about a guy's car or money before his personality and charms.

    Some of the teenage boys, on the other hand, to impress especially the girls, would brag about their parents' wealth and they would make it sound like they were the ones who earned it. There was one instance when this guy tried to impress me by saying that he bought his car Mercedes Benz with his own money and he also said that he supported his parents financially. This was a lie because the boy was only sixteen then, and all he did was go out and party.